Z wave by Fibaro is a wireless technology used in home automation that connects home appliances and devices. These may include air conditioners, lighting and all audio visual systems in a home. The devices are connected in such a way that they can be controlled from a central unit or location. They are also capable of sending and receiving commands. The system also allows limitless automation capabilities where the devices can communicate with one another, work together or individually. Parts of the system include Home Center 2, Home center Lite, Motion sensor, Smoke sensor, Flood sensor, wall plugs, Door and window sensors, RGBW controller and an interface.

Home Center 2

The Home Center 2 is a control device of the Z wave technology home automation system. It is responsible for communicating with all the devices in the home. It uses both wired and wireless communications to connect to household appliances. It connects to a central server via DSL or cable. The simple setup allows home owners to control multiple functions in the home. The system also allows wireless control with devices such as mobile phones or tablet PCs.

The exterior is built to last with all round aluminium casing. The minimalist design is also easy to understand and use. It features an Intel atom 1.6 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, a 2 GB SLC hard drive. Each system also comes with 4GB MLC recovery disc allowing for quick recovery in case of a system failure. This assures quick communication between devices in the home automation system.

The Home Center 2 is operation ready few minutes after setup.

Some of the features of the Home Center 2 include the Linked Devices function. This function combines several devices. It then allows you to control these devices at the same time with one control. This also means less device icons on the user interface. The Home Center 2 also allows the user to group devices with the same functionality as well as create appropriate schedules for these groups of devices.

Another interesting feature of the Home Center 2 is the Geolocalization feature. This feature allows a user to know the location of family members. It does this by connecting to mobile phones through the Fibaro Mobile Application. It then shows the route and current position on a map.

Smoke Sensor

The smoke sensor is an integral part of the Z wave technology system. The smoke sensor packs features that set it above other smoke sensors.

The design is worth mentioning. The minimalist design is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing as well. The smaller advanced design means fewer components are used in the set up of the system. The grille is designed with numerous holes electrochemically designed to guide smoke towards the sensor chamber. The sensor also incorporates a temperature sensor. This is especially useful in the case of materials that burn without smoke. The sensor is built to trigger the alarm when temperatures exceed 54 degrees C. The accurate sensor technology also means that it takes very little smoke to trigger an alarm and therefore less damage.

The smoke sensor can be connected to a 12/24 V adapter or battery powered. It can also be integrated to most alarm systems. The smoke sensor is also flexible enough to allow both wired and wireless connections.

In the case of a fire, and an alarm has been triggered, the user is then able to select actions to take from a mobile device, whether a mobile phone or tablet. Actions can be pre-set; these may be opening blinds, unlocking windows or even lighting a safe exit route.

The sensor also allows sensitivity adjustment with three levels; low, medium and high.

The smoke sensor is heat resistant and is able to withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees C. The sensor monitors smoke levels and sends all information to the central controller. The smallest levels of smoke will be recorded and displayed. The Home Center 2 will also carry out diagnostics to check connections with the smoke sensor.

Wall plug

The Fibaro wall plug is a smart plug that can be controlled remotely. It is especially useful when a user wants to maintain control over all electrical devices in a home. The plug also allows a user to monitor power consumption. The plug is ready to use once out of the box as it does require any kind of special installation. The user only needs to press the B button on the side of the plug’s casing to add it to the Z wave network.

The plug also features high quality design with a crystal LED ring that displays the electrical load. The ring will change color to show the user the current load of a connected appliance.

This plug allows a user to monitor energy consumption in each room as well as identify plugged in devices that are using up energy but are not being used. It also allows a user to check the historical power consumption.

This plug also comes with some additional safety features. The plug will also send report of a faulty appliance in the house after shutting it down. It also comes with a built in plug cover to protect small children from the risk of electrocution. The plug will also alert a user by flashing purple when temperature exceeds 55ₒ C. It will also trigger the alarm when the maximum load of 2.5 Kw is exceeded.

The plug also enables a user to select running times for various devices such as TVs and video game consoles. This will especially be useful in monitoring the use of such devices by children.

The Z wave technology home automation system by Fibaro is therefore a system that will enable you monitor and run a household more efficiently. This system gives you the convenience of having control over all devices and appliances in your home. Additionally, it can also give you the option of automating other functions in your home such as windows and even doors. The unique and innovative safety features will also ensure peace of mind even when you are not at home.